Sinners Paradise ep.1

The usual hot summer day. Eriko and his girlfriend decided to cool on the roof of the school. Uchilka found them and decided to give them a lecture. Then a strange object appears in the sky, the girls light up the light. Eriko wakes up in a strange place. Suddenly a door opens and people in officer uniforms come in and take her somewhere. passing through the corridor Eriko saw as in one of the rooms raping her friend. Eriko is also raped by the squad leader. Again in his room, Eriko begins to molest an employee. Suddenly she hears someone talking to her, she hits a soldier runs out of the room and there a terrible monster saves her life. In general, it is interesting. an unusual story. I will not tell you everything, but it will not be interesting. I will say only one thing, that Eriko is an unusual girl and kidnapped her not just to abuse her.

Tags: series: shitsurakuen, oral sex, tentacles, virgin, rape, students, military, drama, studio: digital works, studio: vanilla series

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